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Welcome to the Social, Cognitive, Affective and Neuroscience lab!

The SCAN lab is directed by Dr Stephane De Brito, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham. The focus of our research is on understanding the mechanistic interplay between the social, cognitive, affective, and neurocognitive factors implicated in the development and persistence of antisocial and aggressive behaviour.  A second strand of our research is to examine those aspects among youths who have experienced early adversity. A common goal across these two strands of research is to understand how environmental and individual factors interact throughout the lifespan to increase risks for poor outcomes or promote resilience.

Our research uses different scientific approaches such as clinical interviews, cognitive testing, structural and functional neuroimaging, and more recently psychophysiology, genetics and neuroimaging genetics. We collaborate with clinicians, social workers and educators to inform the focus of our research as well as to increase its potential translational and policy impact.